Counsellors’ Journey

I wonder what has brought you to my page. Are your life challenges proving just too much at present, are you looking for something to change? The good news is that all the resources to effect such change are within you rather than outside of you. Locating and working with the power of ‘your-self’ you will be able to effect changes in your everyday life, resolve issues from the past that may be disrupting thought processes and relationships in the present. If you are looking for something to be different in your life, I am the therapist for you!

Relationship issues? Let us look at your primary relationships and how they have shaped the relationship you have with ‘your-self’ and how going forwards this could change. Once we begin to change the relationship with ‘self’ and begin to acknowledge and accept the past one’s life view upon everything and everyone around will start to change also.

I wonder how you hear the word ‘Mindfulness’, it may be unfamiliar to you, something that is possibly not understood and outside of your awareness? For me it was yet another overused word until I started to apply it to my own life. Now I like to interpret the ‘Practice of Mindfulness’ as being really present in the ‘here and now’ of my life and centring my thoughts and feelings in every moment of the day.

Life is even more uncertain right now heightening two of the biggest issues out there in the world today, firstly anxiety which is based in the future and secondly depression which is firmly rooted in the past. Even though both incredibly challenging conditions through the use and development of mindfulness and counselling one learns ‘to be in the moment’ and begin to feel and experience life in the present once again.

I am an experienced counsellor/therapist offering sessions for adults, young people and couples/family members. For every one of my clients, I create a bespoke therapeutic client led.
experience to meet their need.

My Clinical Experience

I have experience in running my private practice since 2010, working with a varied client base. Seeing individuals, couples/ family members and young people.

Alongside of this I currently have experience of working as part of the ‘Bromley Y’ team as a Wellbeing- Practitioner working with young people families and schools.

For the past five years I have had the opportunity to work as a counselling Tutor /lecturer working on counselling courses and supervising students through their journeys to become qualified counsellors.


University of Greenwich FdSc in Integrative counselling

Kings College London – Post Graduate Diploma, CYP IAPT

Certificate in Supervision 

Areas of speciality



Child Issues



Eating Disorders

Family Issues

Identity Issues

Low Self-Esteem


Self Harm

Work Issues

* Please note this list is not exhaustive

“Sara has been a huge part of my journey to feeling better as I struggle with anxiety. She has always made me feel listened and supported, the one hour a week I got to talk to her has been an incredible help for my progress towards feeling much better with myself. She really is a great professional and I highly recommend her.”

Male client, 26-45

“Sara is a very experienced and perceptive counsellor and has supported our family several times over the years. Our daughter has been going through a very troubled adolescence and Sara’s warmth and kindness have encouraged her, during therapy, to open and be receptive to learning the necessary skills to overcome her difficulties. The support for our daughter during the most difficult period of her life and Sara’s parental advice to us have been invaluable.”

Female client, 26-46

“Sara, was my level 2 and level 3 tutor for counselling skills and counselling studies. She is a fantastic tutor who taught me so much that I still use now daily, as a counsellor in my own practice. Sara is very kind and respectful and managed the classroom environment incredibly for us all. Counselling courses can be very challenging, and it takes an amazing tutor to manage that in the way that Sara did. I feel very honoured, lucky and grateful to have had Sara as my first ever tutor on my counselling journey which essentially set me up to build a wonderful counselling practice of my own. Thanks Sara. "

Male client, 26-46

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